I use glass to capture the emotions of color and light, and to encapsulate moments in time. My love of ancient history is reflected in many of my works and the transparency or opacity of glass lends a unique perspective on the past and how it is contained in the present.

Nancy Bobb
Glass artisan



2018 The Secret Language of Color, Sayaka Suzuki, Pittsburgh Glass Center

2018 Master Casting Seminar, Daniel Clayman, Bullseye Glass Portland

2017 Mastering the Void, Joanna Manousis, Bullseye Glass Emeryville

2015 Advanced Mold Making, Linda Ethier, Portland, Oregon

2015 Inner/Outer Space, Hollow-Core Casting, Erika Tada at Pilchuck Glass School

2013  Tranchant du Verre, Michael Dupille, at Rainbow Glass

2012  Pate de Verre, Alicia Lomne, at Bullseye Glass

2012  Harnessing Flow, Jeremy Scidmore, at Bullseye Glass

2010  Coldworking, Eric Whitmore, at Bullseye Glass

2009  Advanced Fusing, Patty Gray, at Rainbow Glass

2006  Dimenstional Kiln Forming, Phil Teefy, at Rainbow Glass

2004  Fusing on Edge, Kerry Transtrum, at Rainbow Glass

2003  Introduction to Fusing, Phil Teefy, at Rainbow Glass